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My name is Risan Bagja Pradana and I love playing with the computer. I got my first computer when I was in junior high school. At that time, when I was bored playing Flash games, I read a book about Borland Delphi 6. I was hooked and later was able to finish the tutorial by making a simple text editor. I started to publish my software under the pseudonym of RdF, which stands for Reason da Freak—spells like “Risan the Freak” (don’t judge me).

In high school, I joined a computer club. We shared and learned from each other about programming, graphic design, animation, even video editing. I borrowed a book from a friend about PHP and MySQL, and that was the very first time I learned about web programming.

In the second year of high school, our computer club participated in a website building contest. Me, along with the other two friends (Rizky & Wasil) decided to rebuild our school’s website from the scratch. We built our own Content Management System using PHP and MySQL. I vividly remember how we presented our website to the juries. I was confidently talked about how our website was built to prevent attacks from SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and even session hijacking. Luckily enough we managed to take first place. I used the prize money to build a new PC with a shiny AMD Athlon 64-bit processor and a brand-new Radeon graphic card.

In college, I took the Telecommunication Engineering degree. During that time my interest was shifted more towards traveling, books, and writing. I spent my free time reading novels or some traveling books. Daydreaming about vagabonding around the world. I would spend every end of semesters backpacking with friends.

I still love programming. I was always excited to attend a programming course. Did a little bit of C, a bit of Visual Basic, some PHP, and a lot of Java. We even learned about assembly language. Used it to program a decades-old Intel 8085 microprocessor. Even my thesis was programming-related. I built a web-based application to visualize and calculate the budget of a radio microwave link.

Years later, my passion for computer programming is stronger than ever. Now I’m writing code for a living. I help my clients to launch their dream website. Sometimes I help startups to ship their million-dollar idea (one of them got acquired for tens of millions of dollars in 2019). I work with companies to manage and analyze their data, so they can make better decisions and grow their business.

This is me posing on a cold winter morning in Gdańsk, Poland.
This is me posing on a cold winter morning in Gdańsk, Poland.

This website serves as an archive for my thoughts. Sometimes I write about programming stuff. But most of the time I blog about my daily life, my traveling experiences, or any random stuff that comes to my mind. I occasionally posted some photos too.

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