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Colorful Google Maps Marker

How to use SVG path notation to replace the default Google Maps marker icon. Make the marker's color easily configurable.

May 12, 2019·3 min read

Lazy Load Google Maps API

How to create a simple function to lazy load the Google Maps JavaScript API library.

Apr 26, 2019·5 min read

Building My First iOS Game

Things I learned from building my very first iOS game using the latest Swift version 4.2.

Oct 10, 2018·12 min read

React Component with Dot Notation

Learn how to define a React component that is accessible through the dot notation. A common component pattern to show a parent-child relation.

Apr 7, 2018·2 min read

Installing SQL Server on macOS

Good news, everyone! October last year, SQL Server 2017 for Linux finally went into general availability. We can now install SQL Server on macOS through Docker.

Feb 13, 2018·4 min read

I Create My Own Static Site Generator

Instead of writing a blog post more often, I decided to redesign my four months old blog, ditched Jekyll and built a custom static site generator.

Feb 11, 2018·8 min read

Upgrade Your SSH Key to Ed25519

When is the last time you created your SSH key? If you're still using RSA with key-size less than 2048 bits long, It's time for an upgrade!

Nov 29, 2017·5 min read